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Cell Performance

Achieve more, do more, and be more every day with a sustained boost to your body and mind—specifically formulated to improve performance starting at the cellular level. Experience a daily health regimen that is Powered by Redox™.


Performance that’s
Powered by Redox™

Decades of redox research have been leveraged to carefully select ingredients that target your performance and well-being at the cellular level. By helping your cells reach redox homeostasis more easily, they can help your body and mind perform at optimal levels.

On-the-go and easy to use

Take a packet with you wherever you go and drink when convenient. Our powdered mix is easy to travel with and simple to use. Just open and add one stick pack to your preferred beverage. Shake or stir to incorporate and drink all the contents. Adjust the type of beverage or amount of liquid for more or less flavor.



Add one
stick pack

or stir

REDOXEnergy Cell Performance Supplement

Give yourself that extra boost with a blend of Powered by Redox™ ingredients specifically selected to provide you with more cellular energy, so you can do and achieve more. REDOXEnergy is a reliable, good-for-you source of energy that will help you take on your daily challenges without the negative impacts of typical energy products. Add this deliciously refreshing natural lemon-lime flavor to your favorite drink and tap into your innate energy and potential today.

A balanced, beneficial energy boost

Feeling more energized isn’t just about having more energy, but about having a sustained and balanced energy source that you can count on. REDOXEnergy supports cellular performance with increases in coenzymes, antioxidants, and metabolic function which leads to enhanced energy output, while helping your cells reach natural redox homeostasis easier and balance your energy levels.*

• Supports the formation of ATP, an essential source of cellular energy.*
• Supports production of energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.*
• Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and occasional fatigue.*
• Helps cells balance energy levels for sustained energy.*

Powered by Redox Ingredients:

Natural Guarana

Guarana provides the energy you need to be alert while supporting cellular redox balance. See improved alertness with this natural source of caffeine.* Less caffeine than a cup of coffee.


L-theanine has been shown to improve your focus and boost your mood, while promoting brain cell and neuro protection.*

REDOXEnergy Cell Performance Supplement

Ginseng extract

Combats oxidative stress which boosts cognitive energy output.*

Vitamin B6 and B12

Supports your body’s natural energy levels and protects your cells.*


Don’t settle for artificial

Our Cell Performance category is formulated based on redox principles, with ingredients selected to help enhance cellular performance and give you support you can count on. That’s why our proprietary blends are made from the best things:


No Artificial <>flavors

No Artificial

No Artificial

No Artificial

Sustained Cellular Cognitive Performance*

Our daily lives are full of unwanted distractions. That’s why everyone could use a little help finding clarity and focus. REDOXMind boosts your brain’s performance in five key areas: focus, memory, clarity, sharper thinking, and overall brain health. This means improved cognitive function so you can start thinking five steps ahead with ease. Add this delightful mixed berry-lemonade flavor to your favorite drink and experience a more focused, clearer state-of-mind.

Support your brain for today and tomorrow 

Your brain’s performance is a combination of improving immediate cellular health and brain health. Our proprietary blend of ingredients aids in connectivity between neurotransmitters and enhances the interactions between your brain’s nerve cells for improved performance today. It also helps decrease cellular disruptions and supports against oxidative stress for healthier brain cells.

• Improves your attention and shortens your response time for quicker thinking.*
• Supports attention, working memory, and long-term memory.*
• Promotes antioxidant activity to improve spatial and recognition memory.*
• Helps keep your brain healthy.*

Powered by Redox Ingredients:

Red Orange Complex

Helps positively regulate glutathione (GSH) levels and antioxidant enzymes to support the ability for learning and improved memory—specifically spatial and recognition memory.*

Nicotinamide mononucleotide

L-theanine has been shown to improve your focus and boost your mood, while promoting brain cell and neuro protection.*

Supporting Mind blend


Helps manage brain chemicals, shortening response time and alleviating mental stress so you can stay focused and sharp.*

Nootropic Blend

Supports neurotransmitter functions to help your brain retrieve and relay information.*

Sustained Cellular Calmness & Good Mood*

Life’s everyday stressors can quickly lead to an overwhelming feeling. Luckily, REDOXMood helps naturally calm your thoughts by supporting neural-brain cell activity and reducing overall stress-related distractions. Find balance and let a positive outlook take over, so you can perform at your best regardless of what’s going on around you. Add this tropical flavor to your favorite drink and enjoy an enhanced feeling of peace and calm.

Calm the chaos around you 

Our proprietary blend of ingredients is meant to improve brain cell performance and aid in the production of key chemicals that naturally regulate your mood. This helps you reach a state of increased calmness and less stress on your mind—both at a cellular and emotional level. You’ll also see improved sleep and an overall reduction in tiredness as a result, further improving how you feel. 

• Helps to promote a feeling of calmness.*
• Helps your brain and body to move into a lower gear.*
• Helps regulate GABA receptors in the central nervous system to balance redox states.*
• Assists in the protein production of important mood-regulating hormones.*
• Supports the production of important neurotransmitters to uplift mood.*

Powered by Redox Ingredients:


Supports elevated expression of redox enzymes to help regulate mood.


Enhances neurotransmitter levels that help regulate mood, reduces oxidative stress in the central nervous system, and improves redox balance.

Supporting Mood blend

Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha

Helps your body regulate stress hormones to create a feeling of relaxation. 


Supports fighting stress for better sleep, leading to improved overall mood.

B Vitamins and natural herbs

Helps regulate your stress hormones to improve relaxation.